Matthias Wolf、50歳男性、期間1カ月


I am Matthias from Germany. I came here with my wife who is Japanese.


I believe it’s not common for German to study English in the Philippines. Is it common?


I don’t know. Most German go to America I guess.


Have you experienced studying English in other country?


Honestly no. My sister went to United States. And she was at school. She can speak very well. Her English is better than mine.


Yesterday I’ve checked some website and some articles say German is the one who can speak English the most in non-native country. So I thought there are a lot of people who can originally speak English well like you.


I don’t know but I think German and English are quite similar. So it’s not so difficult to learn English for German I guess.


Are there some places to study English in Germany?


We have some international schools as well Where all the teaching is hold in English but they are mostly private schools. But we have English lessons starting from Junior high school. I had English lessons starting at the 5th grade till the 12th grade. And during my studies, I studied Electronics and I also had technical English that we don’t use in our life.


Why did you decide to study English in general?


My personal opinion is because I like to communicate with people. I think that is the greatest benefit for speaking English. You can exchange your experiences, your point of views and your opinions and I’m always interested in other people’s opinion. Especially to communicate with the people in the other country is more interesting. And on the other hand I need English skill for my job as well. Because I’m working for American company and all communication within the company is English.


When Japanese study abroad, their English skill is really low and basic. But I find that you already have much better skill than Japanese. So I want to know what you wanted to have in this academy like business vocabulary or listening skill?


Two purposes. One is business English of course for my work. And I want to speak English more fluently more naturally sounding because I think my pronunciation is sometimes very hard German accent. I want to sound more naturally. I have pronunciation class here.


I believe there are not only in the Philippines, there are many places to study English. But why finally did you choose studying English in the Philippines?


First of all, I have heard that Pilipino speak very good English so that’s why many call centers are also in the Philippines. And I have some experiences in Great Britain. I’ve been there for business reasons. And I think their English is difficult to understand. They have very very hard accent. I really couldn’t understand what they were talking about.



Did you find this academy by yourself or your wife?


My wife found. She needed English to find a job in Germany and decided to come here. She will stay in three months but I am planing to stay one month because of my job. we wanted to stay same room in the hotel. We had three schools to choose of. And my wife talked with Mr. Nakatani. and he took so much time and talked with my wife and he recommended us to go to CEGA at the end.


What did you request for English academy?


I wanted to have, for me, It is important to have a clean accommodation, a shower, and a separate bathroom. The other one is meal. I love Japanese food. We were thinking that if we go to Korean school, maybe the food will be very spicy.

私は、綺麗な宿泊施設、シャワー、お風呂とトイレが別になっていることを求めました。 後は食事ですね。日本食が好きです。もし韓国系の学校に行ったら、おそらくご飯は辛い物になる。あと、僕と妻は留学期間が違うけど、同じ部屋に滞在したかった。


Your course is business course for whole week? in four weeks.


I have 6 lessons. And I have 2 business classes, pronunciation. And I have two group lessons as well because as what I said in the beginning, I like to talk with others, I want to meet other people.



How was the class?


In business class I’ve learned most things I can use for my job, like special Expression. How to start a message. How to encounter customer. I can use that in my job. And then best thing I’ve learned is pronunciation class. For me, it sounds ok. But my teacher told me that sounds totally differently.


So maybe before you came here, I believe you already could speak daily conversation. But in that business class, you thought daily conversation is totally different from business expression.


What I wanted to learn is how to say it in the business content. Maybe they use other words and phrases. I wanted to be more professional.


Yes. Some English words are too direct. I’ve taken business course. And I learned they don’t use ‘about’ . They use ‘regarding’ . Without taking a class, I think it’s difficult to know about it.





For Japanese, some people have a purpose to study business, but some people have a purpose for just daily conversation. But for German, I think they already have a basic skill. So if they want to have a skill for business, It’s very effective for them. you think?


Yes. I think so.


Did you take a record sometimes?


Yeah. And sometimes we took a record some times. And I thought it sounded correctly. But my teacher told me that it’s wrong it’s wrong it’s wrong. So it was difficult. But this is why I am here for because I want someone to tell me what’s wrong. I think this school have good teachers. Especially my pronunciation teacher. I think all the teachers I have met speak better English than me. I would be happy if I could speak like that.


And then daily conversation also as you said is good for pronunciation.


Yeah. That’s one of my purposes. I want to improve my pronunciation, intonation.


So are there some people who are struggling with their pronunciation in Germany?


I think so. I don’t know they are aware of themselves. And English is not our mother tongue. We don’t use very often in Germany. So nobody expect us to speak very good English.


I see.



Did you change your class or course sometimes?


No. I just stopped my DME class. Because my teacher suggested me to change it. And at first I had a DME class but I skipped that after three days because it doesn’t make sense. It’s just to repeat same phrases for me. And I’ve been taking discussion class.


You thought that is too easy for you. Because it’s just repeating.


Sometimes I didn’t repeat exactly but used my own words. I can easily exchange word but the meaning is still the same. It’s not part of the training. That’s very stupid to just repeat it without thinking.


Maybe you can create some expression. So you didn’t find the value of it. But some Japanese maybe don’t have any skill. Maybe that class is good for them. Because they can get some patters to speak out.


Yeah. Maybe.


So do you think you could’ ve improved your English a lot here?


Hopefully yes. It’s also because I’m very talkative. And sometimes it’s not about my lessons, but about anything I am interested in. In Germany, mostly I speak German of course. Only when I have to call to Eastern part of Europe, or I have to join in an internal meeting, I speak English. So it’s quite limited. But here I speak English all the time.



So are you satisfied with this academy facility or food?


Yes, food is very good. I like it. The only thing I don’t like is a breakfast. We stay at the hotel. What they offer is quite limited. And coffee is awful at the hotel.



What kind of image did you have about Philippine? Because Germany is developed country and here Philippine is still kind of developing country. And as you said you’ re worried about facility or food. So you didn’t think that as much as possible you don’t want to stay in developing country because it’s totally different environment.


Two things which I found hard. First day was too hot for me. And a gap between rich and poor people is very high. We don’t have that poor people in Germany. First day we met some street children and they begged us for money.


How did you handle it?


Just ignore them. It doesn’t feel comfortable. I couldn’t understand the people who couldn’t even have something to eat. Because in Germany we don’t have that. We have poor people but at least they still have food and clothes.


Do you already get used to it?


I think it was only first day I felt uncomfortable. And sometimes they are not that aggressive to beg.



If you have your friend from Germany who is thinking about going abroad to study, do you recommend Philippine?


セブのシティ スイーツ ラモス タワー (City Suites Ramos Tower) の部屋
セブのシティ スイーツ ラモス タワー (City Suites Ramos Tower) の部屋

Yes. I think studying English in the Philippines is good.


Since it’s man to man class, not group class.


Yeah. Even I like group lesson as well because I want to talk to others.


In your case, you want to have a group class. Whether the academy is good or not is depending on the purpose of student. Some students want to go to Sparta school but some students don’t want to have a very strict rule. And then this school is not so strict. Because there are no English Only Policy and curfew.


I have heard from my teacher. She worked some school that have EOP. And she saw that some students didn’t talk at all.


I also experienced last year the school we couldn’t go out weekday. Even weekends, there is a curfew by 9 pm we have to go back. But I liked it. Because I wanted to study hard everyday. But some people are not like that. So what kind of people can you recommend this school for?


They have to be organized by themselves. Because it’s up to you if you do your homework or study extra time. If you want to go to the bar every night, Ok that’s fine. It’s your decision, right? But I would prefer that way also. Because if somebody wants to go out, and wants to see Philippine. I haven’t seen much about the Philippine but I know a lot because I talked a lot with teachers. Like How do they live. That’s very informative. I like that.



I believe this will must be valuable and help many people who are thinking about going abroad to study. Some Japanese actually think that studying English in the Philippines is not so good because Philipino are actually second learner and then pronunciation is also different from native speaker. But some people think that, I don’t think so. And then you also agree with it, right?


Yeah. Like I said I would be happy if I could speak English as good as teachers do. That would be great.








CEGA (セブ島)




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原田 真義